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The proceedings from IWAIS 2015

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# Author Paper Presentation
2 Lasse Makkonen Back to the Basics – Wettability, icing and ice adhesion Presentation
3 Kathleen Jones Observations and modeling of sea splash icing Presentation
4 Brian Wareing Relation between test span measured ice loads and conductor size Presentation
5 Lluis Riera Application of a hydrophobic coating base polymer on stranded OHL Cu table Presentation
6 Matteo Lacavalla Wet snow research activity in Italy Presentation
7 Muhammad S. Virk Numerical study of atmospheric ice accretion on wind turbines Presentation
8 Umair Mughal MuVi- A hybrid prototype of atmospheric icing sensor Presentation
9 Xin-bo Huang Influence Analysis of Transmission Lines Insulator on the Conductor Ice shedding Presentation
10 Xin-bo Huang The recognition and detection technology of ice covered insulators under complex environment Presentation
11 Xin-bo Huang A Research of Icing Forecasting Algorithm Using Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic Presentation
12 Yong-can Zhu The Numerical Analysis for Jump Height of Multi-two-spans Ice shedding at Different intervals of
overhead Transmission Lines
13 Karoliina Hämäläinen Verification of Icing Model in Finland Presentation
14 Golrokh Heydari Supercooled Water Wettability and Freezing on Hydrophobic Surfaces – The Role of Temperature and Topography Presentation
16 Lasse Makkonen Ripples on Icicles Presentation
17 Eric Gregow Real-Time Forecasts of Wind Power and Icing Effects Presentation
18 Anderas Dernfalk Advanced test methods for full scale ice tests of DC insluators strings intended for plus minus 350 kV Presentation
19 Kazuto Ueno Development of snow accretion simulation method for electric wires in consideration of snow melting and shedding Presentation
20 Shigeo Kimura Effect of icephobic coating on ice protection of ultrasonic anemometer with stack-type transducers Presentation
21 Eugen Mamontov Passive acoustic signal sensing approach to detection of ice on the rotor blades of wind turbines Presentation
22 Marie Cecile Pedersen Case Study of an Ice Sensor using Computational Fluid Dynamics Measurements and Pictures Presentation
23 Hicham Farid Neural network approach to characterize the atmospheric ice compressive strength Presentation
24 Renat Minullin Multichannel radar monitoring of ice on power transmission Presentation
25 Renat Minullin Technology radar monitoring of overhead power lines when detecting ice formations Presentation
26 Renat Minullin Determination of ice deposits thickness on overhead power lines conductors by location method Presentation
27 Renat Minullin Analysis of radar equipment readings and weight sensors indications during ice deposits detection on power transmission lines Presentation
28 Jennie Persson Söderman Probabilistic forecasting of icing and production losses Presentation
29 Stefan Söderberg Experiences from studies of icing and production losses due to icing in Ox2 Vindpilot project Presentation
30 Toshihiro Ozeki Supercooled Water Wettability and Freezing on Hydrophobic Surfaces – The Role of Temperature and Topography Presentation
31 Heinrich Körner Modelling icing conditions for a selection of Swedish wind farms during winter 2014/2015 Presentation
32 Harold McInnes Wind, Ice and Snow Load Impacts on Infrastructure and the Natural Environment WISLINE Presentation
33 Dimitar Nikolov Testing six wet snow models by 30 years of observations in Bulgaria/a> Presentation
34 Knut Harstveit Collapse of an Arctic Power Line due to strong Wind Gusts during Wet Snow Accumulation Presentation
35 Sergey Chereshnyuk Fault statistics on overhead transmission lines in Russia caused by icing Presentation
36 Svein M. Fikke Meteorological data for assessing climatic loads on overhead lines – Report from Cigre Presentation
37 Douglas Nims Investigation of Using Icephobic Coatings on a Cable Stayed Bridge Presentation
38 Rolv Erlend Bredesen Methods for evaluating risk caused by ice throw and ice fall from wind turbines and other tall structures Presentation
39 Bjørn Egil Nygaard Monitoring and forecasting ice loads on a 420 kV transmission line in extreme climatic conditions Presentation
40 Matthew Wadham Gagnon Ice Detection Methods and Measurement of Atmospheric Icing Presentation
42 Dimitar Nikolov Review of icing related failures of wind masts in Bulgaria Presentation
44 Árni Jón Eliasson Wet snow icing – Comparing simulated accretion with observational experience Presentation
45 Árni Jón Eliasson Comparison of measured and simulated icing in 28 test spans during a severe icing episode Presentatione
46 Oyvind Byrkjedal Development of operational forecasting of icing and wind power at cold climate sites Presentation
47 Árni Jón Eliasson Comparison of ice accumulation on simplex and duplex conductors in parallell overhead transmission line in Iceland Presentation
48 Árni Jón Eliasson A severe in-cloud icing episode in Iceland 2013-2014 Presentation
49 Heli Koivuluoto Research on icing behavior and ice adhesion testing of icephobic surfaces Presentation
50 Bodo Wichura Icing measurements at Berlin TV Tower – A case study on ice fall on 23rd December 2012 Presentation
51 Bodo Wichura Expansion of the icce deposition monitoring network in Germany Presentation
52 Sandra Kolar A comparison of Three Different Anti- and De-Icing Techniques Based on SCADA-data Presentation
53 Faranak Arianpour Effect of alkyl chain length on the hydro ice-phobic properties of self-assembled monolayers SAMs coating on aluminum alloy 6061 surfaces Presentation
54 Shahram Farhadi How Steric Effect Affects Ice Repellency UV Stability and Corrosion Resistance of Dissimilar SAMs coating on Al 2024
55 Shahram Farhadi Self-cleaning and Anti-ice Performance of Double-layer SAMs Coatings with Enhanced Corrosion Resistance on an Al Allot Substrate Presentation
56 Faranak Arianpour Hydrophobic and anti-ice properties of homogenous and heterogenous nanoparticle coatings on Al 6061 substrates Presentation
57 Rolf Westerlund Controller for Surface heating Presentation
58 Bengt Norén What we learned – Adaption and development of measurement technique and camera supervision for icing conditions Presentation
59 Göran Ronsten Lessons learned from Large scale cost-effective deployment of wind energy in icing climates Presentation
61 Hu Yuyao Experimental research on the icing progress of insulators at Xuefeng Mountain Natural Icing Test Base Presentation
63 Jian Liang Experimental research on the icing progress of insulators at Xuefeng Mountain Natural Icing Test Base Presentation
64 Jian Liang Effect of Surface Roughness of Wind Turbine Blade on its Ice Accretion Presentation
67 Quanlin Wang Study on Icing Characteristics of Bundle Conductors Based on Xuefeng Mountain Natural Icing Test Station Presentation
68 Qin Hu 3D Numerical Simulation of MWs Wind Turbine Blades Icing Presentation
69 Zhijin Zhang Study on characterization method of icing degree of Porcelain and Glass Insulators based on icing thickness of equivalent diameter Presentation
70 Jaroslav Sabata Automated Icing Monitoring System on the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic Presentation