Smart Grid Gotland visit, July 3

Technical visit to Smart Grid Gotland, July 3

The electric grid on the island of Gotland has, due to unique prerequisites related to the island setting (and of course due to GEABs fantastic customer relations), a long history of research- and development project within the energy sector. In the 1950-ies Gotland’s electric grid was connected to the Swedish mainland by use of the the first fully commercial static plant for high voltage direct current transmission in the world. At that time the link was used to transmit renewable hydro power from mainland Sweden to Gotland, thus limit the use of fossil fuels on the island. Now, when the national transmission grid operator has agreed to install a second high voltage link, the technology is once again of highest interest. This time, however, the connection should be used to transmit renewable wind power from Gotland to mainland Sweden.

Due to favourable weather condition Gotland has a high and increasing wind power production. The wind power production is, in fact, so high that it already today corresponds to national long term goals for inclusive growth… and so high that the local grid operator, GEAB, has been forced limit the installed wind power capacity. In order to study and perhaps remedy the side effects of volatile power production, research and development project Smart Grid Gotland was started. By use of technologies from other sectors (especially the information- and telecom sector) and by participation of active customer Smart Grid Gotland intends to allow an increase of the installed wind power capacity and an increase of the power quality on the island.

During your stay on Gotland you will have the opportunity to visit Ygne, the first fully commercial static plant for high voltage direct current transmission in the world, and listen to ongoing projects focusing on integration of wind power.

Schedule for the day:

09.30     Introduction – GEAB

10.00     Smart Grid Gotland – Erik Segergren

11.00     Smart Customer Gotland – Johan Sjöndin

12.00     Lunch

13.00     Site visit, Ygne

15.00     Future grid solutions for renewable energy on Gotland – Christer Liljegren

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Contact for this visit is Erik Segergren, +46702508446