STRI visit, June 29 (afternoon)

Welcome to STRI in Ludvika: A consulting company with excellent and unique test facilities for ice and snow investigations.

On the 29th of June STRI will host a technical visit for the participants of IWAIS 2015. STRI has been involved in many practical ice and snow investigations for such countries as Canada, Russia, Japan, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc. using STRI’s unique climate chamber, which is 18 m in diameter and 24 m in height. The program for the visit will include the following:

  • Presentation of STRI’s experience in ice and snow investigations performed on insulators and conductors, about 1 h (Dr. Igor Gutman)
  • Technical visit of high-voltage laboratory showing facilities for different dielectric and environmental (including ice and snow) tests, about 1 h (Dr. Andreas Dernfalk)
  • Both presenters will participate at the IWAIS 2015

Example of recently performed ice accretion of insulator string under full-scale DC voltage will be shown. For more info about STRI, please visit STRI .

Igor Gutman

Head of Marketing and Customer Relations, High Voltage Technologies
Senior Expert, Honorary Professor
Manager Insulation

Contact and host: Igor Gutman, Phone: +4624079510

Location: Lyviksvägen 8, Ludvika